INwebinar - Reconstructive Surgery in wartime


It was a great pleasure to host the online conference INwebinar - Reconstructive Surgery in wartime. This event is part of the Face to Face - Ukrainian Task Force project, which is a collaboration of American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Razom for Ukraine, and INgenius. ⠀

We received 400 registrations from surgeons from all parts of Ukraine. The specialties that participated in the event were: Otolaryngology, Plastic, Ophthalmology, Maxillary Facial and General Surgeons. ⠀

The lecturing were provided by active members of Face to Face - Ukrainian Task Force missions trip: Drs Manoj Abraham, John Frodel, Boris Chernobilsky and Bruce Moskowitz. ⠀

We are working on next events, trips and to develop more opportunities for Ukrainian surgeons.

Thank you to our partners (Dr. Vitaly Panchenko, Ukrainian Association of Endoscopic Head and Neck Surgery, Materialise).

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