Guidelines for working with veteran patients and combatants
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According to the study "Way of the Veteran", as of autumn 2020, there were about 405,000 veterans. With the onset of civilian life, combatants need to take care of their own health. Veterans may face acquired chronic diseases or exacerbations of the old ones. Very often such patients are treated by primary care physicians. With specific training and an algorithm for dealing with veteran patients, physicians will be able to provide more effective care. 

Methodical recommendations contain the following sections: 

  1. Psychology of communication and neurology (PTSD, depression, psychoaffective disorder, chronic pain of various genesis, phantom pain, neuritis)
  2. Therapeutic section (the most common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular systems, infectious diseases, and related chronic conditions)
  3. Genitourinary system (gynecology and urology).

Each section will also contain the most important aspects of physician practice:

  • features of collecting a variety of medical history in patients participating in hostilities;
  • achieving a therapeutic alliance with such patients;
  • correct communication tactics and ethical and aspects.

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